Deborah Foy, opening opportunities with Opportunity International

MEET DEBORAH While one might say that Deborah has reached the pinnacle of her career as the Executive Director of Opportunity International, listening as she shares her story radiating a calming energy makes clear that what she does is not…

Matt Barnaby, Working Hard & Doing Good with ImpactBasis

MEET MATT If you haven't met Matt yet, prick up your ears and get enticed by his contagious energy, compassion, and enthusiasm to facilitate and coach people, teams, and organizations to connect, collaborate, change and develop their capabilities. The…

Claire Barnhoorn, Founder & CEO of Solvoz

MEET CLAIRE It’s 1986, the great Ethiopian famine at its peak, when the 6-year-old starry-eyed Claire ran across her school grounds trying to raise money for two children whom she saw on a poster in her classroom. The two kids carrying…

Kirsten Mildren, Head of Public Advocacy and Campaigns at UNOCHA

MEET KIRSTEN! 2020 was a year unlike any other, and its transformational tentacles reach well into this new year. Ongoing humanitarian crises and climate change merged with the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to wreak global havoc. At…

Raphael: Relief Applications & Tech Innovation Coach

Meet Raphael! Raphael initially worked as a plane mechanic. Throughout his evenings he would help homeless people as a volunteer. He worked for the next 15 years responding to natural disasters and population movements. During an emergency…

Laura de Franchis, Founder and Life Coach at The Alternatives Factory

MEET LAURA! The first place to start about Laura is that she is quite international. She is half-Italian and half-Dutch, married to a Frenchmen in a similar line of work (who's also a Hub member!). Her work required them to move around…

James White, Director, Defense Innovation Greenhouse

James White’s colourful personality brings a lot of joy to The Humanity Hub. While he’s currently serving as the executive director of Defense Innovation Greenhouse (DIG), he’s done plenty of things in IT sector, yet always centred on the core themes of defence consulting around innovation.

Marina Antunovic, Director at Mercy Corps Netherlands

She believes that all of us have gone through the same phases of “disbelief, panic, throwing ourselves at everything, and then slowly getting more and more organized, and henceforth finding areas where one can actually focus and do more to support the communities where we work”.

Livia del Conte, Policy and Project Officer at EUKN

“I really identified objectives I want to pursue with people of the Hub and reflect on ideas, there are so many ways you can be inspired by people working next to you!”

Charlotte de Jong, Policy Officer at the City of the Hague

“The crisis makes it clear that collaboration is even more important than it was before, especially learning from and growing with each other”.