The Handshake

The Hague Humanity Hub intents to attract and retain talent in The Hague and make The Hague the obvious destination for a purpose driven career. It seeks to connect students wishing to work for a more peaceful and just world with organizations in the Hague community. This event series is part of the Humanity Hub’s Talent Hub as an accessible way for young professionals and students to network and listen to seasoned practitioners from the world of Peace & Justice.

“The Handshake” allows participants to hear the personal stories of senior practitioners in the field of peace and justice. Ask them all your burning questions about their career path, developments in their fields of expertise and the skills future professionals need. This could be a powerful help for students or young professionals having doubts about the path they want to take, insecurities and a low effort opportunity to network with professionals. Working in the field of Peace and Justice might be inaccessible to some or they don’t know where to start. These chats can help with gaining a more realistic expectation of how to enter the field of Peace and Justice.

Previous editions of The Handshake

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The Handshake Presents: Kirsten Mildren- Storytelling to Ignite Action at UNOCHA 

The Handshake aims to attract and retain talent in The Hague by offering students and young professionals a chance to hear from seasoned practitioners in the peace and justice sector. For the first edition, hear from Kirsten Mildren about…

Want to get inside tips on working in Peace & Justice? Join the new event series The Handshake, to hear from experienced practitioners! 

By Hannah Terry The Peace & Justice Talent Hub is the best place to find the latest news, job listings, and events about purpose-driven careers in The Hague. Breaking into a career in the world of peace & justice can seem overwhelming. With…