NHC – Ukraine in the EU: Geopolitical and Economic Opportunities

Nieuwspoort Lange Poten 10, The Hague, Netherlands

Overview: Since the European Council gave the green light to open accession negotiations with Ukraine, the discussion has focused on the challenges ahead for the EU and Ukraine. After all, the potentially long road to accession could prove to be difficult. It is increasingly important to look at the long-term perspective, and shift the focus […]

KUNO – Authoritarian Practices and Humanitarian Negotiations


Overview: Hub member, KUNO, and The Frontline Project - an initiative to improve humanitarian access (by Stichting Vluchteling, INTERSOS and IRC) - invite you to the presentation of ‘Authoritarian Practices and Humanitarian Negotiations’. This recently published book is an academic study that offers case studies on the international and domestic legal and political framing of humanitarian […]

Democracy Drinks: Investing in Women, Investing in Democracy

The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague, Netherlands

Overview Join us for our next edition of #DemocracyDrinks! For this next edition of the #DemocracyDrinks, we want to highlight International Women's Day. In line with the UN Women's theme of 'Investing in Women' we will reflect on what investing in women means for democracy. Acknowledging that whenever women are under threat, so are democracy, […]

Global Shapers The Hague – Lessons To Be Learned: International Humanitarian Law

Amnesty International Keizersgracht 177, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Overview You are invited to join the inauguration of Hub member the Global Shapers The Hague's International Justice Education Project in collaboration with Amnesty International's Human Rights Talk. This event will delve into the complexities of international humanitarian law and how it has both succeeded and failed in protecting humanity. It will include a thought-provoking […]

World Water Day: Spotlighting Water Related Programmes

The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague, Netherlands

Overview Join us on March 20 for the next edition of Blue Drinks. Blue Drinks is an informal networking series for water and environmental professionals. For this edition we are highlighting World Water Day. The event will spotlight three Humanity Hub member organisations working on Water related programming and of course lots of networking and […]

KUNO – Sphere Workshop

The Hague The Hague, Netherlands

Overview Sphere defines, promotes and applies humanitarian principles and minimum standards in four life-saving areas: water, sanitation and hygiene promotion; food security and nutrition; shelter and settlement; and health. Sphere’s flagship publication, the Sphere Handbook, is one of the most widely known and internationally recognised sets of common principles and universal minimum standards in humanitarian response. […]