A new podcast series from UN Women and The Hague Humanity Hub

Holosy (‘voices’ in Ukrainian) is a new podcast series put together in partnership between UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia and The Hague Humanity Hub to look at the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent war through a gender lens.

Over four episodes, we’ll explore with a wide range of experts and activists from across the academic, humanitarian, and diplomatic spheres the gender dimensions of the crisis. From leveraging women’s humanitarian diplomatic efforts and examining the specific needs of internally-displaced LGBTQIA+ community to highlighting inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs building digital businesses in wartime, the series will shed light on the shifting  gender dynamics of the crisis and women’s vital role in peacebuilding and recovery.

Join us for a four-part series to dive into the gender transformative change taking place in the midst of  the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and how it will affect the country’s future.