Navigating Digital Frontiers: Women Entrepreneurs in Ukraine’s Path to Resilience

By Loretta Monique

The ongoing war in Ukraine has cast a long shadow over the lives of countless women and girls.

The intersection of displacement, economic disruptions, and social upheaval has created an environment where women grapple with heightened safety risks and reduced access to crucial resources.  

Digitalization as a Catalyst for Empowerment 
In the face of displacement and adversity, digitalization, and digital entrepreneurship in particular, is emerging as a powerful force capable of reshaping the narrative for women in Ukraine, offering a pathway for women to overcome adversities, foster economic growth, and fortify societal resilience. The latest podcast episode of the Holosy series delves into the transformative potential of digital entrepreneurship, exploring how it can be a catalyst for empowerment, unlocking new economic opportunities and fostering resilience in the face of adversity. 
Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Landscape 
Ukraine has made remarkable progress in its digital transformation journey. From providing digital state services to citizens to bolstering infrastructure and supporting entrepreneurs in the midst of war, the country has demonstrated a commitment to embracing the opportunities that technology affords. However, the episode doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the existing challenges that persist on this digital frontier. 
Challenges Explored 
The podcast episode takes a closer look at the challenges of digital entrepreneurship from the unique perspectives of women entrepreneurs both within and outside of Ukraine. These voices provide a nuanced understanding of the hurdles faced and the successes achieved in leveraging digital platforms to create and scale businesses during turbulent times. 
Addressing Safety and Protection Risks 
Displacement has amplified safety and protection risks for women and girls. The episode sheds light on how digital entrepreneurship can serve as a means to address these concerns, offering a platform for economic independence that transcends physical boundaries.  

Access to Critical Resources and Services 
Economic and social disruptions have curtailed women’s access to critical resources and services. Through the experiences shared in the episode, listeners gain insights into how digitalization can bridge these gaps, providing avenues for women to access the resources necessary for their entrepreneurial journeys. 
Social and Economic Resilience 
Beyond individual success stories, the episode explores how digital entrepreneurship contributes to broader social and economic resilience in Ukrainian society. The interconnectedness of these stories paints a picture of a society empowered by the resilience and innovation of its women entrepreneurs. 


This episode features three remarkable women, each bringing a unique perspective and wealth of experience to the discussion on digital entrepreneurship in Ukraine. Sabine Freizer Gunes, a distinguished policy expert, has over 25 years of experience in governance, gender equality, and conflict resolution. Formerly the Chief of UN Women’s Leadership and Governance Section, Sabine has dedicated her career to ensuring women’s participation in decision-making processes and promoting gender-responsive governance. Nina Levchuk, co-founder of Impact Force and a leader at Google Germany, is recognized as a Top Innovator by the World Economic Forum. Her initiatives, such as United for Ukraine, focus on social behavioral change and economic opportunities. Lastly, Oksana Hunko, a journalist in the occupied city of Novo Kahovka, Ukraine, brings a personal touch to the conversation. As the mother of a hearing-impaired and autistic child, Oksana’s “InfoSluh” project aims to support parents facing similar challenges.  

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