The Hague Humanity Hub welcomes a New Member: III 

Integrity Initiatives International (III), has become a member of The Hague Humanity Hub. III is working on a number of projects that closely align with the interests of Humanity Hub’s membership, including the Campaign for a new International Anti-Corruption Court. 

Welcoming III, Jill Wilkinson, the Humanity Hub’s Managing Director said, “Adding the expertise represented by Integrity Initiatives International on accountability for major crimes fits perfectly within the broad ecosystem of organizations in The Hague working for a more peaceful and just world.” 

III is an international NGO registered in the United States and its mission is to strengthen the enforcement of criminal laws to punish and deter leaders who are corrupt and regularly violate human rights, and also to create opportunities for the democratic process to replace them with leaders dedicated to serving their citizens rather than enriching themselves. 

Integrity Initiatives International (III) has catalyzed a rapidly progressing campaign to create an International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC). It has also been deeply involved with the creation of the Ukraine national anti-corruption court, and the selection and training of its judges. 

The opportunity to join the Humanity Hub is timely in view of the Netherlands’ emerging leadership of the crucial effort to create the International Anti-Corruption Court. My colleagues at III and I are pleased to be able to contribute its expertise and focus on combatting corruption to the work that the Hub’s existing members are doing to promoting the rule of law and to be enriched by their experience as well” said Judge Mark L. Wolf, Chair and founder of III. 

“Against the backdrop of the Russian war in Ukraine, the need for strong institutions to help citizens challenge corrupt authorities is now clearer than ever,” said III co-founder Justice Richard Goldstone. As former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently wrote, “every day Putin continues to hold power, the case for an International Anti-Corruption Court grows.” 

“The Hub is an ideal location for III,” said Judge Wolf. “I can think of no better place for us to collaborate with other admirable organizations to demonstrate how combatting corruption, which has devastating consequences for vulnerable victims around the world, is essential to establish the rule of law. We look forward to collaborating with new and old partners in this vibrant peace and justice ecosystem.” 

On April 20, III announced that 30 additional Nobel Laureates have signed the Declaration in support of the creation of an IACC. The Declaration, first released in June 2021 with the signatures of more than 100 world leaders from 45 countries, has now been signed by more than 200 eminent individuals from over 60 countries. 
The new signatories have voiced their support for the initiative because they recognize that the global community needs innovative tools in the fight against corruption. “Tackling corruption is fundamental to bolstering democracy around the world. New international institutions are also critical elements of strengthening multilateralism and the rule of law which have been under attack in recent years,” said Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams. 

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