Call for Content: What Activities Will You Share During the Just Peace Month?

The Just Peace Month showcases the variety of ways that The Hague is working on peace and justice both nationally and internationally. By connecting residents of the city with organisations and the themes they are working on, the Just Peace Month celebrates, informs and enlightens a wide variety of participants. Past editions have seen Hague-based international organisations open their doors to the public through the Just Peace Festival. With the uncertainties of covid restrictions, this year’s Just Peace Month will have multiple activities in hybrid and online formats over a period of from 5 weeks September 19 throughout to October 24 

Who is it for?

Just Peace Month activities are tailored to many different sections of the public including Hague citizens, (inter)national visitors, expats, residents of the Hague region, students, NGOs and International organizations both in The Hague and internationally.  

What can you do?

This year we invite participating organisations to present their activities under the overarching theme of ‘the human stories of peace and justice’. The Hague breathes peace and justice. For many people though, the city of peace and justice is just a concept, a slogan, even an ideal. But we all know that in fact it’s made up of a wide range of individuals – each with their own story – working to make the world a more just and peaceful place. Where people came from, what obstacles they’ve had in their way, why it is that they have wanted to focus on peace or justice, what are their dreams – all these make up the rich tapestry of tales that can form the inspiration for this year’s Just Peace month of activities.  

What will it look like?

Kicking off Just Peace Month 2021 will be the International Open Day on Sunday (19 Sept) before the International Day of Peace, 21 September. Since the current situation prevents each of us from organising a proper physical open day at our respective premises, we would like to preserve the  essence of the International Open Day by organising physical tours throughout the City on Sunday 19 September. These walking tours will be in small groups to respect measures, will be guided by volunteers and feature peace and justice related places in the Hague. We are organising the logistics, registration and volunteers. We are looking for partners that want to participate in the walking tours by having a representative of their organisation welcoming the tour groups outside of their premises/location and speak to the participants about their work and the organisation. In the afternoon, there will be a Hague Talks, centred around the theme ‘The Human Stories of Peace and  Justice’, acting as the opening event of the Just Peace Month.  

The programme will end with a closing event on Sunday 24 October. In the five weeks in between, there will be several ‘pillar’ events (co-)created by Humanity Hub with interested partners. One of the pillar events we hope to organise together with partners is a Talent Event (e.g., a career fair). During this event we would like to showcase organisation to students and young professionals. In this networking event we hope to bring interested organisations closer to the students and young professionals and facilitate an interaction surrounding career and talent. Lastlywe invite organisations to organise their own events under the umbrella of the Just Peace month.  

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Want more information on the Just Peace Month To get an impression of previous editions please have a look at the following websites or send an email to Lia.

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