A series of free training courses providing you with the knowledge and connections to build an impact-driven career to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Not everyone has the same opportunities to build a career in the international city of Peace and Justice, The Hague. A growing number of students graduate in the Hague yet struggle to find a job due to a mismatch between their academic credentials and the needs of the labour market. Recognising this challenge, the THUAS Centre of Expertise and Global and Inclusive Learning and The Hague Humanity Hub have teamed up to research the key skills required to start and thrive in a career in sustainable development, peace, and justice.

With EmpowerSDGs we aim, together with participants, to explore how to improve the training of important skills that traditionally receive low levels of attention during formal education. These sessions target young professionals who experience challenges in establishing themselves on the job market in The Hague, and will be free to all participants.

Programme details

By joining, you take an active part in research by The Hague University of Applied Sciences and The Hague Humanity Hub exploring the competencies needed for future professionals in these sectors.

As a participant, you will take part in participatory research where the group will explore skills, methods, and ways of thinking fit for the modern job market. Over the course of five workshops you will receive training in skills such as critical thinking, solution-oriented problem-solving, and intercultural communication. The programme will emphasize interactive and participatory teaching methods to promote these skills as well as collaboration and peer-learning. EmpowerSDGs will take a project-based approach where you will work on different professional products throughout the programme. In doing so, you will not only have received training and acquired new skills but will have a physical portfolio of work that demonstrates what you are capable of and strengthen your profile when searching for a job.  

The sessions are hosted by experienced educators and trainers, as well as professionals in the development, peace and justice community. They are dedicated to increasing the diversity of opportunities for young professionals to build a career. Participants also have access to exclusive networking opportunities.  

Through exclusive networking and learning opportunities you will be able to strengthen your skills and professional network for use beyond the duration of the programme.


  • Explore skills for SDGs

    Explore the skills needed for future peace&justice professionals working towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals through interactive workshops, role play and more. 

  • Meet and connect with professionals

    Meet and connect with professionals from international organisations in The Hague 

  • Gain valuable skills

    Gain valuable project management, personal leadership and interpersonal communication skills while participating in research aiming to train skills to bridge the gap between graduates and the job market. 

  • Certificate of participation

    Receive a certificate confirming participation in the research and skills acquired. 

Who is it for?

Students at the end of their studies and recent graduates in the Hague who are experiencing difficulties matching their skills to the demands of the job market. Preference is given to students who may be disadvantaged on the labour market due to their background relating to e.g. firstgeneration student status, migrant status, social class etc.  

Apply here!

Applications close on April 15, 2024


About the Partners

The Hague University of Applied Sciences Centre of Expertise for Global and Inclusive Learning works to create and ensure equal opportunities for students and professionals. The centre researches what processes would help to achieve this. It also investigated the best ways to actively promote inclusive education and an inclusive society  

The Hague Humanity Hub is a not for profit foundation that supports and strengthens the ecosystem for a peaceful and just world in The Hague and beyond. We facilitate connections and innovation by offering the necessary ingredients for chance encounters, new alliances, inspirational collaborations, and the exchange of knowledge.