Following the Hamas attacks in Israel on October 7, 2023 and the subsequent military response in Gaza, the peace and justice community in the Hague expressed the need have dialogue about the situation and not succumb to, what felt like, a deafening silence. This led to the Humanity Hub launching the Gaza Unfolding series in December 2023.

The aim of the Gaza Unfolding series is to convene professionals in the peace and justice community, including practitioners, researchers, and policy makers in a safe space to allow for reflection, connection, and discussion with experts on the unfolding situation in the Gaza Strip and the wider region. Each event offers insights into specific aspects of the conflict such as the humanitarian and political situation and the applicable international legal framework and accountability mechanisms.

The Hague Humanity Hub was established to contribute to a more peaceful and just world by supporting and strengthening the Hague community. In line with this mission, we offer a safe environment to share and reflect on difficult topics. The Hub aims to strike a balance between a safe and respectful space for dialogue and public awareness, while acknowledging the emotional and ethical dimensions . Our aim is to have different perspectives heard and represented in a constructive manner, but do not expect this to be fully balanced in each session.

We would like to thank the contributing partners who have helped bring this series to life: HPM, Pax, Impunity Watch. If you would like to suggest aspects or topics for dialogue and want to help us co-create further sessions, or have any suggestions and questions, please reach out to

Since we launched the Gaza Unfolding series, the situation continues to evolve. The content below reflects the discussions held during the events, based on the information available at the time. You can also find links to resources and other activities by the peace and justice community related to these developments at the bottom of the page. 

Previous Events

Gaza Unfolding Part II – Justice Delayed is Justice Denied 

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied took place on 11 January as the second event of the Gaza Unfolding series. It featured speakers touching upon different legal mechanisms applied with regards to the situation in Gaza.

Gaza Unfolding Part I: History, Context and International Law 

The first event in this series took place on 8 December 2023 under the title Gaza Unfolding: History, Context and International Law and brought together 130 professionals from the peace and justice community. The objective was to contextualize the situation and scrutinize it through the lenses of international law as well as provide an overview of the humanitarian situation.

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