Cyber Resilience for NGOs – A Collective Intelligence Effort 

The Hague Humanity Hub is proud to announce CyberResilience for NGOs, an innovative research project for NGOs in the Netherlands to map and analyse the cybersecurity threats landscape within the country and generate increased awareness and resilience.

The project will set the baseline for assessing the cyber threat landscape for NGOs in The Netherlands and to better understand the impact that cyberattacks can have on not-for-profit organisations.

CyberResilience for NGOs is a research partnership by CyberPeace Institute, connect2trust Foundation , Shadowserver Foundation, and the Hague Humanity Hub.

CyberResilience for NGOs is part of The Hague Humanity Hub Digitalization Programme together with CyberSecure The Hague, an initiative to provide free cybersecurity resources and training to NGOs in The Hague area. 

To learn more and to apply, please visit this page

To learn more about The Hague Humanity Hub Digitalisation Programme, visit this page.

“With the Cyber Secure The Hague program we have taken the first steps to improve the cyber resilience of the NGO ecosystem. Many of the NGOs that are based here are crucial for the international infrastructure of peace, justice and security and are at risk of cyberattacks. I am therefore delighted that the national government has decided to support this non-profit consortium to help them scale their foundational work from The Hague to the rest of the Netherlands. It’s very important to help improve the cyber crisis preparation of NGO’s and to gain more insight into the cyber threats that NGOs face. Not only in the interest of ourselves in the Netherlands, but for everybody that is served by those NGOs worldwide.”

The Hague’s Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines (responsible for Cyber Secure The Hague)

For more information on the project and the partners, please download the full press release: