The Journey towards an SDG House

We're excited to share that the Hague Humanity Hub has become an SDG House with the purpose to connect and support collaboration between diverse actors working on international impact for a more peaceful and just world. In moving towards…

Unique network for achieving the sustainable development goals starts in the Netherlands

Three years after former UN leader Kofi Annan opened the world's first 'SDG House' at the Royal Tropical Institute, the 'SDG House Network' has been launched today. This network consists of 9 houses that are committed to achieving the…

James White, Director, Defense Innovation Greenhouse

James White’s colourful personality brings a lot of joy to The Humanity Hub. While he’s currently serving as the executive director of Defense Innovation Greenhouse (DIG), he’s done plenty of things in IT sector, yet always centred on the core themes of defence consulting around innovation.

Join the Hackathon for Peace, Justice & Security

In the fall of 2020, the third edition of the Hackathon for Good will take place, where teams over the whole world will develop innovative solutions for global social issues. This year the Hackathon, where datasets are built into innovations…

The Hague Conversations on Conflict: Pandemic and Politics – the South Caucasus and Corona

An expert discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on the domestic politics, regional dynamics, and external relations of the South Caucasus.

Marina Antunovic, Director at Mercy Corps Netherlands

She believes that all of us have gone through the same phases of “disbelief, panic, throwing ourselves at everything, and then slowly getting more and more organized, and henceforth finding areas where one can actually focus and do more to support the communities where we work”.

The Hague Conversations on Conflict: China and the West – Avoiding a Confrontation

On Thursday, 28th of May, The Hague Conversations on Conflict turned its attention to growing tensions between China and the West on a range of issues from trade to the South China Sea, and which have been exacerbated by polemics around the…

Why I came to The Hague, and why I believe that we need more cities like this in the world.

Chale Guadamuz, Executive Director at The Hague Peace Projects, wrote about his journey to The Hague. The full version of the story is available on Medium.

Humanity Hub meeting space is open

We have reopened the Hub for meetings since 1 June and have adapted our event space to the post-corona reality. We have taken measures to host your events in a safe and healthy way. The room set ups offered will adhere to the 1.5…

SDG16 Alliance: Call for collaboration

The Carnegie Foundations acts since late 2019 as the coordinator for the Dutch based SDG16 alliance (in development). The purpose of this alliance, an initiative of SDG Nederland, is to bring together all forms of existing and new collaboration…