Alex Haas, Building Stronger Local Communities with Haagse Helpers

By Sarah Bumberger

Today’s episode is all about local impact: Alex Haas, founder of Haagse Helpers, talks about how to improve the lives of people with little or no social network through volunteering here in The Hague:


Why build a network to help others in the city of The Hague? Alex has a multi-faceted answer to this question: firstly, it’s very important, especially as a young person, to discover your talents, to find out what you like and what you’re good at. Since many people feel lonely, especially in bigger cities, social communities themselves should offer more support. So why not combine your own talents with volunteer work? To answer this, Haagse Helpers was created in 2017. It’s an organisation whose mission is to create social networks within cities, so that every young person can be aware of their talents and can use them to help their fellow citizens. “I volunteered myself when I was a student. As I enjoyed this work very much, I asked myself why I shouldn’t start an organisation that is exactly tailored to the needs of young students. And besides, [it] can also help The Hague, since there is a lot of loneliness that can be prevented through community-oriented work”, says Alex. 


“The Hub is a great place to be, full of connections and collaborations. We have many meetings with other organisations and have already worked on some activities that we have implemented.” The Hub is the home of Haagse Helpers; not only does the organisation use the campus to develop its ideas and create new concepts, but their volunteers also stop in from time to time.  

Nevertheless, Alex wants to create more connections: “What we want is more teamwork, more collaboration with other members and organisation. So please contact us if you’re interested in making a difference locally!” 

That’s why the theme is: Let’s talk! Talk to Alex if you want to know more about Haagse Helpers, their network and their impact on the city of The Hague.  

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