Humans of the Hub with Hans van den Berg: Strengthening Rule of law with CILC

By Hannah Terry

Meet Hans

Hans Van Den Berg is a project manager for the Center for International Legal Cooperation, focusing on rule of law projects in the Balkan and Eastern European regions. In this episode of Humans of the Hub, we’ll learn how CILC works to strengthen justice institutions to promote rule of law. 

CILC and its Vision 

The Center for International Legal Cooperation (CILC) is committed to promoting the rule of law worldwide through a diverse range of projects. At its core, CILC focuses on strengthening justice systems, which entails judicial reforms, systemic reforms, and fostering collaboration between institutions. In this episode, we will talk about how CILC’s essence lies in bringing together individuals working in these fields to facilitate dialogue and address their specific needs. 

Hans highlights how CILC’s approach is marked as an organisation that comes alongside actors to aid them in the development process rather than direct it. Rather than imposing solutions, the organization guides nations striving to advance their democracies. By connecting them with relevant resources, experts, and networks, CILC empowers actors to make informed decisions and pursue tailored pathways towards stronger judicial systems. 

Hans and the Hub:   

Hans appreciates the diverse community with so many different expertises. CILC has often used the hub member network within projects to facilitate new collaborations between relevant organisations. In a recent project with North Macedonian justice leaders, CILC was able to connect with another member of the Hub, the International Centre for Counter Terrorism. ‘Working within the Hub gives us the opportunity to explore other international organisations that can give us insights into what we can do better within our projects’. Hans says that the Hub sparks his creativity and that he is always meeting new people that help him reach outside his ‘normal’ bubble and expand across the world he is working in. 

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Reach out to Hans if you want to know more about CILC, their network, and their impact.  

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