Justin Colvard: Strengthening Communities, Building Resilience, and Lessening Inequalities with Mercy Corps

By Sarah Bumberger

From being the Country Director in Haiti to the Global Strategic Response Manager, Justin Colvard has now been with Mercy Corps for 10 years, using his acquired expertise to help people build safe, productive and just communities. In this week’s episode, learn how Mercy Corps alleviates suffering, poverty and oppression through building local resilience and grassroots initiatives:


“Do I want this ‘adventurous’ life?” Well, after working across the globe with Mercy Corps for over 10 years, Justin has the answer to that question. He only has two blank pages left in his passport after travelling the world for his work. “Looking back, I’ve always had a desire to use my inquisitive nature to work with new people, learn new languages, and experience new cultures,” he says.  

This has been doubly advantageous both for Mercy Corps and for the projects he has worked on and led. As an international public health and development professional, Justin has always tried to put bold solutions into action. “The value I bring to this kind of work is asking questions and facilitating conversations,” which helps people overcome adversity and strengthen communities from within. 


“I am super happy to be part of the Hub.” Justin joined the Hub in November last year, and attending events such as the peace&justice café on gender justice has brought him new contacts. “Whether it’s meeting someone randomly over coffee or at the events, the Hub provides all these opportunities for inspiration, and I think being inspired leads you to want to inspire others yourself.”    

Justin also stressed that people should visit Mercy Corps’ office in the Hub and glance at their website to learn more about their work. The Mercy Corps team is always happy to answer any questions to find ways to make these connections and move forward together.  

So, don’t hesitate and get in touch now if you want to learn more about their work to create lasting change around the world – a future where everyone can prosper!  

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