Humans of the Hub: Meet Alexander Gunkel

Meet Alexander Gunkel! Alex founded Space4Good, an advisory organisation and innovation lab that uses the power of space technology to make real differences to projects on the ground.

With a background in business and engineering, Alex was first introduced to space whilst working at the European Space Agency (ESA).

“Whilst working at the ESA in Noordwijk, I was first exposed to the expanding terrestrial uses and impact potential of space technology.

Alex talking about his current role at Space4Good and the success of his ‘spin-off’ venture, RodEO

With the help of ESA’s Business Incubation program, Alex has co-founded several start-ups, ranging from capturing CO2 from the atmosphere, to monitoring roads from space. Speaking of his inspiration to become an entrepreneur, Alex said he was motivated by purpose rather than the mere commercialisation and transfer of technologies.

“With all of my projects I want them to be successful, but once they start to expand and grow, become self-sufficient in a way, I take a step back so that I can devote my time to new applications that can benefit from my expertise and experience with space technology and entrepreneurship”

This led Alex to founding Space4Good in 2018. By using the knowledge and skillset he has gained throughout his career so far, Alex hopes that Space4Good can act as a springboard for socially-minded and impact driven organisations.

“I don’t just want to develop innovations; I want to help develop innovators. I want Space4Good to act as a pre-incubator that can help crystallise ideas, form teams around them and support them throughout their entrepreneurial journey”

To find out more about Space4Good, their work and their projects, make sure to visit their website!