Bijay Dhungana, Making Better Life Chances Through Access to Basic Education with Windle 

How can we fight poverty and inequality by increasing access to and improving the quality of online education for communities affected by conflict or discrimination? If you want to find an answer to this question, listen to this week’s Humans of the Hub episode with Bijay Dhungana, Director of Windle Netherlands:



Before recording the episode, Bijay made sure that the people involved in the various projects that Windle is working on in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya had their say. Their thoughts are recorded in a video that give an insight into Windle’s work, and also aims to convey the message that: education gives people hope and can change the life of a person. “What motivates not only me, but all my colleagues, is the realisation that what we do makes a difference. It’s the little things like providing digital tools or online learning that make a difference in many people’s lives.”  

Bijay has more than 20 years of experience supporting educational institutions to achieve and implement their digital transformation in various countries and joined Windle Netherlands (the fundraising arm of Windle International) as its director in 2022. Through his work, Bijay and the Windle team hope to reduce inequality in access to quality education for conflict-affected communities, especially women and girls. 


Bijay is quite new to the world of fundraising, as his area of expertise is education. He therefore hopes to get help from the Humanity Hub community on this subject, since “one of the things I believe in is co-creation. Education is an important component for peace and justice because it provides a safe environment for learning. And it gives us hope for the future”.  

In other words, get in touch with Bijay, see what Windle is doing and who they are impacting with their work. But most importantly, says Bijay, “watch the video, because these people have found their voice through education”. 

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