Michèle Moorlag-Salcido: Supporting Humanitarians in Hostile Environments with Global Risk Advice

By Sarah Bumberger

In this episode with Michèle, we talk about how to equip NGOs and non-profit organisations working in challenging conditions and volatile environments with accessible risk management tools and training:


“When I was still very young, I read a book called ‘Why?‘. In it, pictures were used to show how a conflict escalates just because one wants something from the other or sees the other as so different, and how that can end in escalation. This book left an impression on me throughout my life and as I grew older, I decided I wanted to study peace and conflict studies.”, says Michèle, thoughtfully. 

Having always been interested in issues of war and peace, and having focused her education on mediation, diplomacy and conflict resolution, Michèle began her work as a Junior Advisor and Office Administrator at Global Risk Advice (GRA). The job turned out to be a perfect match for her skills: GRA is an organisation that enables people working for a better world in hostile and difficult environments to be well-prepared for any situation.  

Through her work at GRA, Michèle hopes to contribute to relieving the brokenness in the world in a positive and practical way to prepare people working in the field for unexpected incidents and unplanned events, so that they can carry out their work in remote or hostile areas safely and confidently. 


Global Risk Advice is a new member of The Hub Community. Luckily, Michèle has “already made a few contacts here and there”, but of course, she’d like to connect with as many people as possible! At the same time, Michèle points out that she is in The Hague a few times a month to talk about the needs of Hub member organisations, as the safety of their staff is of great importance. She’s always on the lookout for conversations about improving training techniques, adapting to new crises and humanitarian situations, or changing their geographical focus.  

Therefore, many thanks, Michèle, for taking the time out of your schedule to tell us more about yourself and the amazing work you do! Don’t hesitate to reach out to Michèle if you want to find out more about GRA’s trainings, or about her journey! You can do so via LinkedIn or e-mail. 

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