Humans of the Hub: Leianne Wijnhoud

Welcome to this week’s Humans of the Hub post! This weeks’ post is on Leianne Wijnhoud!
Leianne is one of our café staff and events team members and has been with the Humanity Hub since September last year!

Leianne is currently a second-year student at Leiden University studying International Relations and Organisations, choosing to study the course for its international exposure and focus.

“I grew up as an international child and have lived across the world, it really gave me an international perspective and it was that focus on internationality which attracted me to The Hague to study”

Alongside her studies, Leianne works as a café staff member, helping to support event catering and logistics. We asked her what attracted her to the Humanity Hub.

“I’ve always been interested in the work NGO’s and International Organisations do, I couldn’t imagine a career where I wasn’t given something back. So I wanted to work in a space where I could directly interact with some of the organisations that inspire me and that I may want to get involved with in the future”

“I do enjoy my job; every day is different, and I get to meet different people from a really diverse community. One day they’ll be lecturers from a university, and the next they’ll be a group of ambassadors. Generally speaking, people enjoy a chat, so I have real opportunities to interact with some interesting people”