Matt Barnaby, Tackling Messy Problems with ImpactBasis

By Sarah Bumberger

On this edition of Humans of The Hub: Matt Barnaby, Director of ImpactBasis. He talks about how to get things done, and to help people to connect and collaborate to challenge the issues in both their work and personal life: 


“Helping people who help people” is Matt’s primary focus and the reason why he, together with his team at ImpactBasis, provides consulting services, coaching, event facilitation and training to help non-profit organisations. Matt always strived for social impact, having begun his career as a social worker in the UK. Matt met his colleague Dennis and after working together for 3 years, they set up Basis to help UK public services tackle messy problems. ImpactBasis emerged out of a desire to work more globally and thereby increase social impact on a broader scale. Since 2019, Matt and his team have been based in The Netherlands helping non-governmental organisations such as NATO, UNHCR or UNICEF to overcome complex challenges and develop more inclusive ways of working that benefit their teams and organisations. 


“We’re very happy to be part of the Hub simply cause it has a very nice environment and vibe,” Matt points out. Having been part of the Hub for a while now and having done some workshops and trainings with other members, Mark emphasises again: “If there’s a challenge we can work on together, you bring your processes and your brain, I bring my processes and my brain. And together we bring something into the world that society needs. So, let’s all be creative to make the world a better place”. 

Based in The Hague, but offering remote services worldwide, Matt is happy to help you solve a problem for which there’s no obvious solution. So, don’t hesitate to contact Matt and his team to help you move quickly from confusion to clarity.   

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