Robert Okello: facilitating access to justice through digital innovations with BarefootLaw

By Hannah Terry

Robert is the EU Lead for BarefootLaw, a dedicated professional who has been with the organization for almost seven years. In this episode of Humans of The Hub, we’ll learn how Barefoot Law works to promote legal empowerment at a local level and why they have made the expansion to The Hague.

Meet Robert:

According to Robert, legal empowerment plays a crucial role in fostering a peaceful society and driving economic development. In Uganda there are less than 5,000 qualified advocates for over 40 million residents, making access to the law and justice a significant issue. In many rural areas, says Robert, lack of basic information about the law and knowledge about rights, such as land rights, contract laws is a significant challenge. However, thanks to BarefootLaw’s digital innovations, people in remote locations in Uganda, and specifically women, have been able to access legal assistance and support which have been vital for advancement of their rights and protection of their properties.

BarefootLaw through the use of innovative tools, breaks down the law – to make it easily understandable and accessible for communities through their digital platforms. The interventions allow communities better understand their rights and how to use the justice systems to enforce their legal rights. Robert firmly believes that people must be aware of the laws and rights applicable in order to utilize the justice systems and benefit from the opportunities provided by the law.

Barefoot Law and its Vision:

BarefootLaw has set an ambitious goal to ensure that 50 million people across the African continent have access to justice and legal resources by 2030. To achieve this objective, they employ innovative technologies, like the Law Text, law calls , Law Voice, Law box and other traditional approaches. These freely accessible resources enable people to chat with qualified lawyers and seek solutions to their legal problems. By leveraging technology, BarefootLaw aims to bridge the gap in access to justice and empower individuals with the necessary legal knowledge.

Robert and The Hub:

For BarefootLaw, joining The Hague Humanity Hub Hub presents a valuable opportunity to connect with global peace and justice eco-system to share knowledge, build connections, and raise awareness about access to justice programs across Africa. Recognizing that the issue of access to justice and legal empowerment extends beyond regional boundaries, BarefootLaw is on the path of scaling successful digital models in other countries. Robert perceives The Hub as a platform for fostering connections, exchanging lessons from BarefootLaw’s experiences, and facilitating the organizations’ growth. As a new member of The Hub, Robert aspires to integrate into the Hague peace and justice community and gain invaluable experiences that will contribute to BarefootLaw’s pursuit of its goals.

Reach out to Robert if you want to know more about BarefootLaw, their network and their impact.

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