COP16 session #2 report & next steps

The second session of the COP16 took place on the 17th of April as a webinar. The session was prepared by a working group of 9 people. We worked on the agenda, on the different sessions and have drafted a model for the community of practice that will guide the COP16.

The model consists of the purpose, values and operating guidelines. The purpose of the COP is to build a community of SDG16+ actors by convening, identifying collective themes, exchange knowledge and experience and agree on actions and collaborations.

The development of this model is meant as an open, transparent and collaborative process. It is therefore an evolving draft, a living document, and everyone in the COP16 community is invited to join the next steps in shaping it: the COP16 living model.

During the first edition of the COP16 in March, multiple themes were identified that we wanted to explore together using an open space agenda. This second session selected four themes which were discussed further by different groups.

Do you want to get involved in one of the topics discussed during the COP16? Do you have good ideas on how to make the next steps action-oriented? This is a collaborative effort, so find out more about what was explored so far and how to join the effort:

Explore and get involved with the four themes:

Tools and strategies to support peace and justice workers

What is peace and justice? How can we increase citizen engagement with SDG16?

Drivers of justice in the context of sustainable cities