Community of Practice SDG16+ Launch

The launch event of the Community of Practice SDG16+ (COP16) on 6 March at the Humanity Hub brought together 40+ experts and professionals who jointly developed 6 themes on which we could initially colloborate:

  • Perceptions of law/Ownership of justice
  • Engaging political will for peace/Peace without justice, justice without peace?
  • The Hague’s global presence and Influence/How does justice feel locally/Sharing joint actions on localizations
  • Activism in The Hague
  • Drivers of justice in the context of sustainable cities
  • Alternatives to adjudication/Innovate justice

You can find a summary of this first meeting here.

Following this successful launch, we will be hosting the second event on 17 April online.

Peace-builders, data analysts, researchers, policy makers, people on the front-line, and many other ´hats´ are invited to join COP16. In order to bring about more justice, more peace and more inclusive societies we should take up time and space in which to exchange, to find opportunities, and ultimately sustain or grow your impact.

If you are not yet a registred member of the COP16 and would like to join, you can sign up here.