Peace & Justice Café

The Hague is home to a wide variety of organisations and changemakers all working towards a more peaceful and just world. To strengthen the collaborative potential of this ecosystem, the Humanity Hub community is working on developing an event series to inspire, explore common themes and learn from each other.

This event platform would be hosted on a monthly basis to provide professionals with an informal and regular place to meet, offer inspiring programming and facilitate the building of relationships. Each occurence would have a central theme with a flexible agenda composed of some of the following session formats such as for example 1-1 meetings, roundtables, talks, networking space and drinks.

The overarching themes will be curated by the partners behind this initiative, via the programming board of the Hub community or some other mechanism. The main content is coordinated and delivered by the specific theme owners. Other organisations and individuals have the opportunity to ‘plug-in’ their own content related to the specific theme within the framework of the offered session formats. The idea is to make the process as smooth as possible and the platform easily deployable so that organisers only have to focus on content.


  • Bridge the divide between the different sectors and types of organisations
  • Facilitate networking for established actors and newcomers to the Hague
  • Support the sharing of knowledge and cross sectoral insights around emerging themes
  • Provide the ingredients and platform to nurture collaboration
  • Strengthen and broaden the Hague Peace & Justice community

Examples of possible themes:

  • Greening of humanitarian action
  • New anti-terror legislation
  • 75 years UN
  • Women, Peace, Security, resolution 13.25
  • Different phases in innovation processes
  • Hate speech and social media
  • Big tech, data ethics
  • Data protection, digital security
  • How to set up successful collaborations
  • Greenwashing/CSR
  • Transparency/corruption
  • Triple nexus

Get involved: Are you interested in working together with the Humanity Hub community and other parties to develop the Peace and Justice Café? Does this event concept sound appealing and would you like to contribute? Reach out to Alexandre Taillandier (Humanity Hub) via email or Slack and Yasmin Hegazy (Hague Academy for Local Governance) via email or Slack.