SDG16 Alliance: Call for collaboration

The Carnegie Foundations acts since late 2019 as the coordinator for the Dutch based SDG16 alliance (in development).

The purpose of this alliance, an initiative of SDG Nederland, is to bring together all forms of existing and new collaboration in the Netherlands on a particular SDG together and share this with experts and stakeholders. Thus, the foundation acts as point of contact for stakeholders who contributes or wishes to contribute to SDG 16.

A roadmap for 2020 is being formulated for the alliance, which aim is to create, together with current and future alliance partners, an overview of existing data and reports on particular focus areas and to organize a gap analyses within the Dutch context, which will form the basis for further development of activities in the future.

The Humanity Hub, which recently launched together with HiiL the Community of Practice on SDG16, is participating in this effort.

People interested in contributing to this or who want more information, can contact Nicole Engering by email or Slack.