New Asymmetrical Haircuts podcast: Four Ways to Accountability in Ukraine 

On the eve of the International Accountability Conference for Ukraine being held in The Hague on July 14, The Hague Humanity Hub members Janet Anderson (Justice Connection) and Stephanie van den Berg (Great Crested Grebe Media) have released a special edition of the Asymmetrical Haircuts podcast on international justice. 

The episode is entitled ‘Four Ways to Accountability in Ukraine’ and includes diverting interviews with a cast of legal experts, including Howard Morrison, Independent Adviser to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General.  

Anderson and van den Berg then go on to analyse four potential routes to justice for those involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine. Taking in Ukraine’s domestic prosecution, the option of universal jurisdiction (and the role of international organisations therein), a hybrid criminal court; and prosecution by the International Criminal Court. 

Certainly a timely listen! Check out the podcast episode here.

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