Unique network for achieving the sustainable development goals starts in the Netherlands

Three years after former UN leader Kofi Annan opened the world’s first ‘SDG House’ at the Royal Tropical Institute, the ‘SDG House Network’ has been launched today. This network consists of 9 houses that are committed to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs are seventeen goals for sustainable development to make the world a better place by 2030. The SDGs were agreed in 2015 by all countries of the United Nations (UN), including the Netherlands. They are a global compass for challenges such as poverty, education, peace and security, and climate change.


The establishment of the SDG House Network gives concrete substance to SDG 17, ‘Partnership for the Goals’, in which the United Nations calls for collaboration on sustainable goals. That is exactly what the SDG House Network aims for: to inspire and activate companies, knowledge institutions, governments and citizens to accelerate the achievement of the sustainable goals in the Netherlands, by sharing knowledge and combining innovative strength.

The nine initiators of the SDG House Network are organizations and business locations that are themselves sustainable ‘hotspots’ at a local level that promote collaboration, knowledge exchange and entrepreneurship for sustainable development. With the network, the initiators aim to increase the scale and impact of their activities. The SDG House Network has the ambition to grow into an international network of locations.

Walk the talk

Immediately after launch, the SDG House Network will start working on projects that directly contribute to the realization of the SDGs. One of these is a trainee program to introduce 500 young people and to gain experience in sustainable entrepreneurship to train them into becoming SDG professionals. Additionally, another initiative involves a collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce is the KvK Business Challenge, an online innovation platform that brings large companies into contact with SMEs to develop innovative new business together.

Video SDG House Network: ‘Create a Better World Together’

On the occasion of its establishment, the SDG House Network is launching the video ‘Create a Better World Together’ with the Dutch Association for the United Nations (NVVN) Goodwill Ambassadors Glennis Grace, Tanja Jess, Lavinia Meijer, Sharon Pieksma and Ben Lachhab and in collaboration with SDG Netherlands.

Mark Schneiders, CEO of the Royal Tropical Institute and SDG House Amsterdam:

“SDG House Network links the knowledge and experience of entrepreneurs, experts and NGOs from different SDG house locations across the country. This offers opportunities for more cooperation, which is sorely needed to make progress towards achieving the SDGs in 2030. ”

Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme:

“From the start in 2015 – when the 193 member states of the UN adopted the 17 SDGs – I have drawn hope from the many positive developments that resulted. First at policy levels and then at the business community. Now is the time to embed the SDGs in our societies. The SDG House phenomenon is a concrete and powerful tool for this. I hope that SDG Houses will be realized in cities all over the world in the coming years. Thanks to the SDGs, we can pursue the same agenda everywhere for a fair, safe and clean world. SDG Houses help to make the most of that unique opportunity. “

Simone Filippini, President of the Netherlands Association for the United Nations (NVVN):

“The SDG Houses are a fantastic and necessary initiative! We still have 10 years to achieve the SDGs and that is really shorter than we sometimes think. So all hands on deck! The NVVN fully contributes to reaching other, less obvious and diverse groups of Dutch people through the efforts of our NVVN Goodwill Ambassadors. This is a group of special and influential Dutch people who are prepared to actively commit themselves to achieve the sustainable development goals in the upcoming years. A number of them have now participated in the launch of the SDG House Network, including Glennis Grace, Tanja Jess, Lavinia Meijer, Sharon Pieksma and Ben Lachhab.”

SDG Houses in the Netherlands

1. Humanity Hub, The Hague
2. Royal Tropical Institute / SDG House Amsterdam
3. Local Mondiaal Maastricht
4. Museon, The Hague
5. Soestdijk Palace
6. SDG House Hilversum
7. SDG Netwurk Fryslan
8. SBI Foundation / Zonheuvel Estate
9. The Social Impact Factory