Drivers of justice in the context of sustainable cities

This topic emerged as a theme of interest during the COP#1 session and was explored further at the COP#2 session. This is a call to bring the discussion forward towards action.

How can decision-making in other SDG’s (i.e. SDG11) ensure just and inclusive outcomes for citizens? This session explored ways to ensure fair and just outcomes for citizens (for example participatory decision making) in the context of implementing the SDGs. This session focused on the link between SDG16 and SDG11 but touched on a wider issue of interlinkages and people-centred results. 

Goal: How do we engage people in their essential needs / justice problems? How do we ensure equality of voices, the strongest not drowning out the others? What actors do we need, what tools do we need? 

The discussion focused on whether or not legal frameworks support or hinder citizen inclusion in local governance. Inclusivity is important for good policy making. 

Next steps: Bring out best practices of existing ways to engage citizens in local governance, test for adaptability to coronavirus.

Get involved: Reach out to Katie Davis (HiiL) via email or Slack