Perceptions of justice: How can justice in The Hague be felt locally and globally?

This topic emerged as a theme of interest during the COP#1 session and was explored further at the COP#2 session. This is a call to bring the discussion forward towards action.

Justice in and from The Hague. How can people in The Hague perceive justice? We can look at The Hague and justice from different levels: 

  • Locally, from within the city (how does justice look/feel locally) and; 
  • A global perspective: the role of The Hague on a global level.

Goal: How can we use local experiences globally (for example by sharing good practices and how can we use global experiences locally (in The Hague)?

There is potential the Hague can play worldwide on access to justice, as a city of Peace and Justice, but it still a bit unknown how to exactly do this. At the same time, the value of being a city of peace and justice is also locally not known by everyone, and here there is also room for growth. Education on access to justice could play a role here, as being a city of peace and justice has still no relevance for a part of its own citizens.

Next steps: Creating ownership and finding bandwidth to create and coordinate.

Get involved: Reach out to Chale Guadammuz (Hague Peace Projects) via email or Slack and Charlotte de Jong (City of the Hague) via email or Slack.