SDG Traineeship applications open for Trainees and Clients! Get unique insights and experiences, or help for your business or organisation in contributing to the SDGs

Applications are now open for both candidates and client companies or organisations to participate in the SDG Traineeships! This is now the sixth edition of the traineeship programme, which is run by the SDG House Network Netherlands and The Rock Group. The idea behind the traineeship is simple: insightful young people work on a specific SDG-related problem for their client company, gaining skills and experience in the process. The client company then receives innovative advice and consultancy on helping contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals!

How does it work? And what sort of challenges are set?

After applying (here for trainees, and here for clients), trainees are matched with their client company or organisation – and introduced to the challenge that they will work on finding a solution to. For example, SDG Trainees at the Gemeente Renswoude worked on a project to inform and educate local residents about how they can take small steps towards sustainability. SDG Trainees at the Wissema Group worked on a plan to integrate workers councils for sustainable employee participation, and SDG Trainees at The Hague Humanity Hub helped us map private sector stakeholders and how they might be approached.

A company or organisation can really set any challenge related to the SDGs that they need help with! Whether its a publicity campaign, research, a plan to green supply chains; or looking at ways to integrate the SDGs into management structures. For more examples, check out all the previous projects here. Once a challenge or project has been set, Trainees work one day per week for 15 weeks before delivering a final briefing, report, or presentation.

What’s in it for the trainees? And for clients?

Trainees get to work on real-world issues, develop their networks, and also receive training on working towards a more sustainable future. SDG Trainees also receive weekly consultations from the experts at the SDG House Network on building structures and projects that contribute to a fairer and more sustainable world!

Client companies and organisations will receive an innovative plan or approach to a challenge that they have been facing, which can be implemented or utilised in their work. This can range from a report, to a campaign, to guidelines or action points!

Who can apply?

Candidate Trainees are welcome to apply if they are aged between 18 and 27, and are studying for or have recently graduated from an HBO or WO University programme. You can complete the Traineeship in either Dutch or English, and of course you have to be motivated to helping build a world that fulfils the SDGs!

Client companies or organisations can apply to the SDG Traineeship programme until the end of June, and candidates can apply until July 30. The Traineeships will begin on September 4!