Movies that Matter open applications for funding: up to €10,000 available for film-makers 

Hub member organisation Movies that Matter is offering two types of grant for organisations that work with films and documentaries to help them realise their projects. The grants (called the ‘Start-Up grant’ and the ‘Impact grant’) are open for applications up until September 4, and are intended to support film-makers with costs other than those associated with producing the film.  

The grants can be used, for example, to help fund a Film Festival, showcase, or mobile cinema projects. Movies that Matter have funded over 250 projects since 2007, across 70 different countries. 

The ‘Start-Up grant’ is, as the name implies, intended to help organisations in the opening stages of their project: events must be in their first or second edition to qualify. The grant value is up to €7,500 and can cover up to 100% of the projects costs (if it’s the first edition of the event or festival), or up to 75% of costs for the second edition of an event or festival. 

For projects that are already established, the ‘Impact grant’ is intended to help amplify the work of the festival or event and help it to expand or add extra features. You may have already organised a film festival in one city, for example, and be looking to expand into another. The ‘Impact grant’ can provide up to €10,000 in funding, but can’t cover more than 50% of total costs.  

An expert panel decides on which projects receive the grants: the panel includes experts working at such organisations as Fonds 21, Free Press Unlimited, Hivos; and Movies that Matter themselves. 

Tess van Bommel, International Support at Movies That Matter:

‘With our grant programme we support film screenings in the global south and in countries where press freedom is at stake. These events can take various forms, such as human rights film festivals, LGBTI film festivals and mobile cinema projects Since 2007, we supported more than 300 festivals in 80 different countries with our grant programme.’

For more information, and full requirements, check out the Movies that Matter website.