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Office Spaces to Fit the Future of Work

As the Covid-19 vaccination programs progress, we are all looking forward to returning to the office. Rising to the occasion at the onset of the pandemic, we had to act swiftly and migrate to new forms of working together, reimagine how we work, and most importantly – where. With remote work being the new normal, the pandemic has demonstrated that work is not somewhere you go, but something you do and many of us are reconsidering how we will work in the future. Are you considering what your future office looks like following Covid? 

With incredibly flexible options to accommodate emerging needs, the Humanity Hub office services are proving to be ideal to support the changing ways we work. Uniquely equipped to serve new requirements in and after the pandemic, we have a wide variety of options to fit the future of office work. Flexibility is key in responding to changing demands within our community, for instance, DCHI changed from a private office to our open space coworking bundle after work dynamics changed – working more from home and at other locations.  

Consider co-location at one of our two beautiful spaces either in the city center a short stroll away from the Central Station, or at Alexanderveld in close proximity to the Peace Palace. We currently have a variety of options available including virtual office, open space co-working and full-service private offices, be they small or large, ranging from 30m2 to 400m2.  

Ultimately, we notice that we are choosing more carefully what work to do where and that meeting in person has become something very special. Work from home can be lonely, but also very productive for individual work or even one-on-one work sprints. However, group work requiring more creativity or building rapport often is the product of planned or unplanned moments of collaboration and physical interaction. At times it is necessary to bridge the gap until fully reopening an office is possible, and our temporary office services offer a practical interim solution. For example, a few employees of The Hague Agency of Local Governance temporarily set up camp at our Central location to leverage the kinds of interactions that cannot happen remotely, while their own offices are closed. Having spent the last few months working from home where the lines between private and professional life are harder to manage, they are grateful for having the opportunity to work at the Humanity Hub in the meantime.  

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to maintain productivity, collaboration, knowledge exchange and learning, the Humanity Hub is delighted to provide a multitude of space solutions and office models fitting to a hybrid world. For any inquiries, reach out via hello@humanityhub.net!