Just Peace Open Day Brings Over 2,000 People to The Hague’s Most Iconic Peace and Justice Buildings

By Sarah Bumberger

Europol, The OPCW and The Peace Palace opened their doors to the people of The Hague on Sunday, October 16; making the Just Peace Open Day a huge success. More than 20 international organisations across the city planned workshops, guided tours and exhibitions to give over 2,000 people the unique opportunity to get an insight into international justice and discover the secrets behind the walls of these famous buildings. 

The #JPM2022 Open Day was designed to help people in The Hague get in touch with the peace and justice ecosystem in the city. Throughout the day, Just Peace offered guided tours of the International Zone of the City of The Hague. In Dutch and English, attendees walked through an area that has been transformed from a former war into a peace zone. But the tours aren’t over yet: more tours will take place in the coming months. Feel like taking a walk during your lunch break? Sign up now to take part in the last guided tours this year.   

A wide range of organisations and NGO’s participated in the special day, including Eurojust, ICC, Kosovo Special Chambers, Europol, OSCE High Commissioners on National Minorities, OPCW, ICMP, IRMCT, NHC, HCCH, Human Rights Space, The Peace Palace, and (not to forget) The Hague Humanity Hub

And what happens next? Just Peace Month 2022 is not over yet!  

But the Open Day wasn’t the end of Just Peace Month! Join Just Peace for the Closing Event ‘One World: Stories of Hope’ on Monday, October 24, for an evening of inspiring speakers, artistic performances, and the official launch of the brand new Just Peace platform.  

The event is in partnership with Museon-Omniversum, and aside from being able to visit the new One World exhibition, Just Peace have gathered a series of inspiring speakers. They’ll speak on topics including how to address climate change: the defining issue of our time. For more information and a link to register, visit the Just Peace website. Just Peace and the Humanity Hub look forward to seeing you there! Let’s end this incredible month of peace with a crescendo – together!