Report launch: Het ergste hanteerbaar: Ruimte voor menselijk strafrecht

The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague

Uitnodiging voor de lancering van: "Het ergste hanteerbaar: Ruimte voor menselijk strafrecht" Op 21 augustus brengt HiiL een discussiestuk uit: "Het ergste hanteerbaar: Ruimte voor menselijk strafrecht". Het doel is de beweging en de vernieuwing in de strafrechtspleging te versterken met nieuwe samenwerkingsrelaties. Geweldsmisdrijven, noodlottige ongevallen en uit de hand gelopen conflicten; voorgoed veranderen ze […]

Meet HiiL – Scaling up partnerships: Discovering collaboration for justice innovation

The Hague Humanity Hub Fluwelen Burgwal 58, The Hague

This event is reserved for Hub members. Collaboration Session - 27 November 2018 Many people face justice problems. Every year, 1 billion people around the world have a justice problem. 70% of these problems are never resolved. That’s why our mission is: by 2030, 150 million people will be able to prevent or resolve their […]

Innovating Justice Forum 2019

Peace Palace Carnegieplein 2, The Hague

1 billion new justice problems arise worldwide every year More than 60% of them are not resolved 30% of the people don’t feel empowered enough to take action Innovation is needed, on scale! Join us at the 9th Innovating Justice Forum 2019 - the only event in the world that brings together innovators, leaders of […]

World Justice Forum VI

World Forum

The coming year will provide several important opportunities for advancing the rule of law and delivering on the promise of justice for all. Taking advantage of this political moment requires a coordinated effort to develop a shared understanding of why the rule of law and justice are important and what we can do about it. Convened at World […]