Cyber Secure The Hague: NGO Support Programme officially launched, offering cybersecurity support for humanitarian NGOS in The Hague  

The Hague Humanity Hub is proud to announce the official launch of ‘Cyber Secure The Hague: NGO Support Program’, an initiative by The Hague Humanity Hub, the CyberPeace Institute, the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD) and, offering free cybersecurity support to humanitarian, development and peacebuilding NGOs in The Hague over the next one and a half years.  

The Hague hosts a vibrant community of NGOs active in  the field of conflict prevention, justice and humanitarian response, with many of them increasingly becoming a target of foreign government and hackers and often lacking the resources and expertise to operate safely and securely online. Due to the politically sensitive nature of their work, the cyber threats they are facing are increasing in frequency and impact.  

According to Stéphane Duguin, CEO of the CyberPeace Institute, NGOs are being targeted because not of their poor security infrastructures but also because they often process large amount of sensitive data on vulnerable target groups.  

While the city of The Hague is already providing assistance to international organizations, the consortium, founded by the Municipality of The Hague, will strengthen the cyber-resilience of vulnerable NGOs by providing free resources, technical support, automated vulnerability scans solutions, targeted training, digitalization and cyber hygiene best practices tailored to each organizations’ needs, with the goal of empowering and strengthening the capacity of the whole NGOs ecosystem in the city. 

The programme was launched by Mayor of The Hague Jan van Zanen during the ONE World Conference, held in The Hague on October 3 and 4.  

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