Talent for good fair 2023

The Hague Humanity Hub and its partners are happy to announce the 2023 edition of the Talent for Good Fair, an event bringing together young talent and professionals for a day of inspiration, knowledge sharing and networking.

The fair is part of our expanding Talent Hub programme, designed to attract and retain talent in the Hague and making the city the obvious destination for a purpose-driven career in the peace and justice community.

With the Talent Fair, we want to increase the visibility and networking potential of young professionals committed to work for a better world.

Who is it for?

The fair is open to anyone interested in the field of peace and justice and a purpose-driven career, with special focus on students, young professionals and professionals wishing to switch career paths.

The fair is also a great opportunity for organisations to showcase their work and connect with young professionals interested in becoming part of the peace and justice field.

The Hague hosts a thriving community of organisations and people dedicated to making the world a better place, and there is need to coordinate and promote the opportunities available to young professionals moving the first steps in the sector.

What can you do at the fair?

As a student or young professional, you can:

  • Visit the fair, with exhibitors showcasing their work and projects, offering advice on career paths.
  • Take part in a workshop, enhancing your skills and recruitment opportunities towards a career path in the peace and justice sector.
  • Join a fireside chat with experienced professionals, who will offer insights and career recommendations. Ask for advice in the Q&A sessions after each chat.
  • Enjoy a 1-1 mentoring session, where professionals can recommend on work connections, knowledge sharing, and career advice.

Where, when and how to join the fair

The fair will be at The Hague University of Applied Sciences on November 8, from 13 to 16.30

You can sign up for free using the registration button below

Full Programme

Workshops range from skill-based workshops and peri-career workshops intended to help you develop your career, to career path workshops and deep dives into specific relevant topics. 

You have the opportunity to sign up for the following workshops: 


Impactful careers in the EU arena   

European Impact Hub (THUAS), Remmelt de Weerd   

The European Union is an important policy stakeholder in themes that concern us all: sustainability, energy policies, migration, and many more. How can you, as a future (non-profit) professional, become part of the shaping or execution of these policies? In this mini-workshop, researchers from the European Impact Hub at the Hague University of Applied Sciences will broaden your scope on the range of professionals that are part of EU policy making. And no; these are not just diplomats working in the EU insitutions in Brussels. NGOs, civil society groups, local governments and businesses all play a role in achieving positive change. 


How to Convince Others: The Science of Persuasion  

ISS, Nilo Rondelli  

The art of convincing others is not a natural talent; it is a skill that can be developed. In both our professional and personal lives, we constantly have to persuade others and sell them things, ideas and even ourselves. Being more persuasive can help you to get a job, to get a scholarship or even funding for your own start-up. In this workshop, you will learn how scientific knowledge about human behaviour, supported by a practical technique, can help you to get the desired YES 


Find your ikiagi

The Hague Humanity Hub, Jill Wilkinson  

Join us in this workshop to explore your Ikigai. Of Japanese origin, this concept combines the terms iki (alive or life) and gai (benefit or worth). Together it adds up to that ‘which gives your life worth, meaning or purpose’. Good news: everyone has an ikigai. Through interactive activities and personal stories, we will introduce the idea behind Ikigai and let you reflect on what matters to you.  


Introduction to digital human rights 

 Fair tech, Afef Abrougui 

Afef Abrougui has more than ten years of experience researching and writing about technology and human rights. She is the owner of Fair Tech, a consultancy based in The Hague, with the mission is to protect human rights in the digital space. She holds a Media Studies MA (Track: New Media and Digital Culture) from the University of Amsterdam.  I propose a workshop titled “Introduction to Human Rights” to provide interested students with an intro into the field, including a global overview of human rights harms enabled by technology, key players and frameworks, and tips and resources for engaging in the field. 


Shaping your career in social justice and sustainability 

 Fairchange, Katja Noordam 

In this workshop we will explore the skills and knowledge you need for a career in social justice and sustainability. You will identify the steps to define your career purpose and find your niche. We’ll help you discover your key strengths and assess how they align with the current demands in the sector. In addition to giving you an overview of relevant frameworks such as the SDGs, we’ll walk you through the “hard” skills and “soft” skills and mindset you need to make your career in social justice and sustainability a success. Your workshop facilitator – Katja Noordam, founder and CEO of FairChange, is a Business and Social Impact expert with 20+ years of experience in human rights, social justice, and international cooperation for an inclusive and sustainable world. 


How volunteering can benefit your career 

Volunteer the Hague, Anastasia Pinchuk 

 Are you a student or a young professional seeking opportunities in the peace & justice sector? Join an insightful workshop by Volunteer The Hague on the strategic benefits of volunteering in your career journey. Workshop highlights: • Explore how volunteering can enhance your skill set and broaden your experiences • Discover how volunteering can help you refine your career goals • Learn how to articulate your experience in your CV to impress prospective employers • Gain insights into volunteering opportunities in The Hague region and beyond. 


Making in impact in your career

 International Connector/ Your big year, Marti Grimminick 

 Make an Impact – we run a shortened version of our Make An Impact Fellowship that teaches young people critical skills that bridge from academia to career. Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, participants will learn how they can use their passions, skills and education to build an impactful career and life. We run the workshop with a series of interactive exercises and group activities. 


Careers in the Humanitarian field  

 Mercy Corps 

As a global organization of humanitarians focusing on enhancing resilience across a broad range of developmental issues, Mercy Corps’ portfolio is highly varied and offers a broad range of opportunities for future change makers. Mercy Corps will offer insights from three of our colleagues that cover a broad range of jobs and themes within their daily work in a dynamic workshop with follow-up Q&A sections to understand and respond to workshop participants’ needs. We will explore MC’s diverse portfolio of programming across our regions, with resilience at the heart of what we do and how we work and driven by our core commitment of Climate Smart actions to meet the urgency of the climate crisis. 


Positioning Yourself in the Dutch Job Market 

 Undutchables, Katja Heurkens-Grunewald 

 The Netherlands is a beautiful place with a lot of great career opportunities. Undutchables has been helping internationals jump start their careers in the Netherlands for more than 25 years. We know that adjusting to different expectations and a new job market can be challenging, especially when it comes to CV’s, applications, and job interviews. Don’t worry, we can help with that! In this workshop our recruitment consultants will share the inside scoop to help you know what recruiters are looking for, how to create a CV that will catch the eye of hiring manager in the Netherlands, how to prepare for a Dutch interview, and more. With our tips and tricks, you will be ready to start working in the Netherlands in no time!  


Writing an application in the age of artificial intelligence screening 

Subul, Khaled Shaaban  


 Your career and the SDGs 

 THUAS/ISS Centre of Expertise on Global and Inclusive Learning, Research Group Multilevel Regulation, Sylvie Bergh 

 Are you curious about the soft skills and attitudes you need to help achieving the SDGs? In this workshop, we will present the initial findings from a research project that asked exactly this question to professionals based at development and Rule of Law organisations in The Hague. We will also introduce the Inner Development Goals as a relevant framework to map these skills and attitudes. You’ll get a chance to interactively define your own priorities and skills that you would like to develop. We will end with a discussion on how these skills and attitudes can be acquired by sharing our own kowledge and experiences. 



GIS and remote sensing technology in non profit settings 

 Space4Good, Federico Fransiammore 

 Federico Franciamore is a GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist, a designer, and a project leader at Space4Good. Raised in Sicily, his passion for Space Tech and sustainability landed him in the Netherlands 5 years ago. Always ready to embark on exciting journeys, driven by winds of innovation and impact. Attending the Intro to GIS and Remote Sensing workshop, you will learn more about the theory behind geospatial data analytics, be guided through some technical demonstrations, and discover the applications developed at Space4Good 


Learn to work with Power BI: automate data processes and visualise data 

Good Analytics

“Nowadays civil society organisations produce and consume a lot of data. Funding organizations require them to measure their impact and to provide regular reports about their activities. To meet those requirements, civil society organisations need to have personnel that is data savvy, able to do data analysis, work with small and large amounts of data fast and efficient. This workshop will address some of those skills: we will discuss how you can automate data process, save time with preparing data and visualizations for reporting purposes and learn how you can extract insights about organisation’s activities and impact. Say goodbye to repetitive manual work in Excel and say hello to Power BI! Preparation: it is recommended to have a laptop with you to follow instructions along. Install Power BI Desktop here: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/desktop/” 


Navigate through the SDG-community in the Netherlands 

 SDG Nederlands, Mena Leila Kilani and Djoeke Reesman 

 “If you want to make impact in your job, work for an organisation that works on the SDG’s! But how do you navigate through all the organisations who claim to be sustainable? Meet theSDG Nederland community and get started to find your frontrunners!  

 SDG Nederland is a multi-stakehoders network for everyone who want to contribute to the SDG’s. www.sdgnederland.nl” 


Get the opportunity to sit down with a professional in the field of the Peace and justice ecosystem. A professional share their own career journey, offering valuable insights and advice and providing a glimpse into what a career in the sector could look like.

You have the opportunity to sign up for the following fireside chats: 


Marek Szczygiel  

Ambassador Marek Szczygiel is the Director of the office of the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities. He has nearly 30 years of professional experience as a diplomat in Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prior to his current assignment, he was the Head of the European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia for almost three years. Before that, he held the position of Ambassador for Emerging Security Challenges and Co-ordinator for International Cyber Policy at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 2011 until 2015, he served as Ambassador of Poland to Romania. Among other functions, Ambassador Szczygiel worked twice as Deputy Director for Security Policy in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Permanent Representative of Poland to the OSCE in Vienna, and Second Secretary at the Polish Embassy in Stockholm. 

His international roles include, among others, the following functions: Chair of The Hague Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation (2017-2018), Member of the UN High-Level Fissile Material Cut-off Treaty (FMCT) Expert Preparatory Group (2017-2018), Member of the Steering Board of the European Center of Excellence on Countering Hybrid Threats in Helsinki (2017-2020), and Polish Sherpa for the Nuclear Security Summit Process (2009-2011). 

Ambassador Szczygiel holds master degrees in international relations and law. 


Asa Solway  

Asa Solway is a co-founder of UpRights, an independent non-profit organization based in The Hague which promotes justice for victims of international crimes and serious human rights violations through the application of international law. 

Prior to forming UpRights, Asa worked in The Hague, Kosovo, Ukraine and Sierra Leone on a variety of subjects including access to justice, international human rights law, international humanitarian law and international criminal law. With the United Nations, he served as a legal officer working with parallel legal structures in northern Kosovo. With the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, he served as a Senior Legal Adviser to the OSCE High Commissioner on National Minorities and, separately, as the Rule of Law Adviser to the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine where he drafted the report Acces to Justice and the Conflict in ukraine. He has also worked with international criminal tribunals including as the principal adviser to the Registrar of the Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone and as a legal officer to Judges of the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. 

Asa graduated from the UC Berkeley School of Law and is a member of the State Bar of California. 


Piero Gandini 

My working experience is multisectoral and multicultural, as I have worked in the private sector, in the world of humanitarian aid, in diplomacy and I was also an entrepreneur. This diverse experience has allowed me to live in Asia, North and Latin America, Africa and Europe, giving me a broad worldview, global and enriched by different cultures that I seek to share with other agents of change. My purpose is to unleash the true potential of people, the inner potential that we all have to create a positive impact around us. This is the source of my motivation to inspire and accompany organizations and individuals in their process of change, innovation and transformation. In the near future, I see myself as an active member of a global movement for change, collectives of thinkers, doers and makers contributing to create a more human and empathic world.  

Meet the Mentors!

You can sign up for the mentoring sessions on the day of the Fair (November 8) from 13:00-13:30 at the registration desk. You can register for a 20 minute session to receive insights, advice and ask any questions. Read their profiles below and sign up for the mentor whose experience best matches your career goals. They look forward to meeting you!

Gerko Visee – The Hague International Centre

Gerko is a policy adviser at The Hague International Centre. Talk to Gerko about career paths for internationals and practical questions about immigration, living, working and studying in The Hague region. 

Sarah Freid  – The Hague International Centre

Sarah is an accountmanager at The Hague International Centre. Talk to Sarah about career paths for internationals and practical questions about living, working and studying in The Hague region. 

Laia Bisbal Arnal – EUPATI

Laia is happy to talk to you about working for a smaller organisation and many stakeholders. EUPATI has experience in connecting multiple stakeholders to contribute to important R&D through education. 

Bojan Cigan  – EUPATI

Bojan is happy to talk to you about working in smaller organisation and many stakeholders. EUPATI has experience in connecting multiple stakeholders to contribute to important R&D through education.  

Mark Worth – European Centre for Whistleblower Rights

Mark is a journalist and has founded multiple organisations relating to wistleblowing and adviced many international organisations such as the UN, EU and OECD. Mark is pleased to support you in your decisions about working in the public interest and how to make the most of your talent and develop necessary skills.  

Jill Wilkinson  – The Hague Humanity Hub

Jill is the managing director of the Hague Humanity Hub with a background in the corporate, consulting, government and non-profit sector. She cares deeply about sustainability and commmunity and is happy to offer you advice on for profit and for purpose career choices.  

Jonathan Evans  – InHolland University of Applied Sciences

Jonathan can give advice about working in the international voluntary sector, doing a masters and further study in social impact related fields, applying Creative solutions to wicked problems in educational and real life settings, and early career advice for those wanting to go into the peace, justice and social impact sectors. 

Susannah Montgomery – InHolland University of Applied Sciences

Susannah can give advice about internships, my perspective about working as an international in NL, applying for a master’s degree, and working in more creative/media-focused roles within the peace and justice sector 

Piero Gandini Consulting

Piero is an independent consultant with a long career in humanitarian work and diplomacy. He is happy to talk to you about finding your values guiding your career and pursuing a career in any of these fields.  

Ambassador Marek Szczygiel – OSCE HCNM

Ambassador Marek Szczygiel has a long career in diplomacy and security related issues. He is happy to provide you with insights and answer questions about work/ life balance and a career in diplomacy.   

Jikke Verheij  – The Hague University of Applied Sciences

 Jikke is the Programme Director for International Public Policy & Leadership at THUAS.

Chizu Matsushita  – The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Chizu is a former staff member of international organisations such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and OPCW, with over 15 years of field experience in the humanitarian and development sector. She is currently a THUAS lecturer and a professional coach/facilitator. She is also a supervisory board member of the Hague Humanity Hub. She can give advice on how to develop your portfolio of career skills for international humanitarian work, academic and other requirements for careers at the UN and other international organisations, intercultural communication, and building resilience to survive and thrive in the field work. 

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