Talent For Good Fair 2023

Several hundred young professionals exploring purposeful careers at the Talent for Good fair powered by the Hague Humanity Hub.  

Together with over 30 contributing organisations and speakers, The Hague Humanity Hub filled the Hague University of Applied Sciences with students, young professionals and recent graduates eager to explore career opportunities with organisations working for a better future.  

The Talent for Good Fair is part of the Hague Humanity Hub’s Talent Hub, aiming to close the gap between young talent and a future career in peace & justice and highlighting the Hague as the obvious location for a purpose driven career.  

A wide range of 30+ organisation, NGO’s; and social enterprises greeted the participants at the fair. Some of these include Europol, the OPCW, the International Centre for Counter Terrorism, International Connector and local volunteer organisations. Ranging from large NGOs to smaller consulting businesses, the fair allowed participants to explore the diversity of career opportunities in the Hague. 

Combining three rounds of career related workshops with engaging fireside chats (The Handshake) and 1-1 mentoring sessions the event allowed participants to learn new skills, ask questions and get inspired.  

With more than 15 interactive workshops offered, the participants could choose to learn the art of persuasion, explore careers in the EU arena, learn how to navigate a career in sustainability and much more.  

The Handshake fireside chats put the personal and unique career paths of seasoned professionals in focus. The attendees get to interact and ask questions based on the experiences of professionals and get tailored advice for young professionals wishing to follow similar career paths. 

“It was a great opportunity to engage with so many interested young professionals who are genuinely invested in working in international law and human rights. I’m grateful to the organizers for creating a thoughtful space for a meaningful and interactive conversation and look forward to participating in the years to come”

Asa Solway, speaker during the Talent for Good fair, founder of Uprights

Throughout the afternoon, participants could sign up for 1-1 mentoring sessions with experienced  professionals within the fields of academia, diplomacy, creative business among many others. An opportunity to ask for personal advice and ask questions.  

For more information on opportunities in the peace and justice ecosystems and ways to get involved, check out the Talent Hub. We regularly host “The Handshake” fireside sessions at the Hague Humanity Hub.