Humanity Hub SDG Trainees

Congratulations to the first cohort of SDG trainees who have completed their traineeships with Humanity Hub.  

Over the last six months Carmen, Cecilia, Danah and Pim have been working on how the Hub may be able to work with private sector actors and considering partnerships or membership models that may be useful ways to provide new connections for Hub members.  They presented their research to us and gave us advice for the future!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their great efforts and findings!

The Hub became an SDG House to support and strengthen the ecosystem of organisations in The Hague, working to make the world more just and peaceful. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals provide a common thread for all our activities.  

“As an SDG House we wanted to explore the potential for cross sectoral connection with the private sector, says Jill Wilkinson, Humanity Hub’s director. “The SDG Trainees explored this and showed us what may be possible. Their recommendations are important inputs for our plans for the further development of the Humanity Hub.” 

If you are interested in becoming an SDG trainee next year or in being one of the organisations that host SDG trainees, check the details here.