Just Peace Month 2022: Hope in Times of Adversity

A new theme for the next edition of Just Peace Month in 2022 has been announced: Hope in Times of Adversity.

Just Peace Month takes place in The Hague between the International Day of Peace September 21 and United Nations Day October 24. During these weeks, the diverse organisations and individuals who are working towards a more peaceful and just world provide ways to engage with the citizens of The Hague.  

The Hague Humanity Hub coordinates and promotes the activities together with the municipality of The Hague, and actively encourages partnerships between organisations who want to connect with a broader public.

Against the backdrop of the multiple crises facing us all across the globe, this year’s theme is expected to highlight the myriad of ways in which people are working on justice, humanitarian response, peace-building and more in these difficult times.  

Last year’s Just Peace Month centred on ‘Human Stories of Peace and Justice’. The Humanity Hub, together with other contributing organisations/partners, organised Walking Tours in some of the Hague’s iconic institutions, and an online talent event to introduce job seekers to the international organisations was created.  

A new website will soon be launched to feature all the events and the stories of the people and organisations working in The Hague. If you are interested in taking part in the next edition, contact us the Humanity Hub