Humanity Hub in Unprecedented Times

In these unprecedented times, I hope this message finds you, your families, loved ones and teamswell and safe. I am relieved to tell you there are no health issues in the Hub team, and also all our families seem to be okay. As a team, we are adjusting to the situation and learning to work remotely, but we do miss the daily hustle and bustle of the Hub and especially our daily interactions with you.

To ensure the safety and well-being of the community, all physical meetings and events have been postponed. We have asked coworking members to follow the guidelines and work from home if at all possible. Furthermore, access to the Humanity Hub space has been limited to members with keys.

We will continue to support basic services (yes, you can pick up your mail), but you can only access the building with your key tab or through an arrangement with us. We will keep updating you via email and this special webpage with regard to any changes. 

The crisis affects each of us in different ways. For one, we experience a direct loss of revenue from meeting rooms and events. As this represents a significant portion of our revenue and it is uncertain how long this will go on, we welcome the announced government measures to help businesses and are looking at all possible measures to ensure continuity.  We are hopeful that together with our community and stakeholders we can overcome challenges and continue to connect and collaborate for a more peaceful and just world. 

We would like to encourage you to continue to build on the strength of the Hub community. Since the 12th of March, we have been in touch with many of you and we are seeing a community of very resilient, creative and adaptive people. We believe we can support and strengthen each other by sharing experiences in dealing with the changes brought by Covid19 and share helpful information sources or tips regarding business continuity, ways of working, wellbeing or otherwise. 

We continue to facilitate and develop the community by supporting connection and collaboration by taking the Hub online. If anything, this crisis is accelerating our thinking about how to develop and support community beyond the walls of the Hub. Over the next few days., we will share our ideas and activities to reach these goals.

To end on a more personal note, the supervisory board and I are happy to announce that I will remain as director in these turbulent times. The board wishes all Hub members good health and hopes to see this community continue to flourish during this crisis and beyond. As they, I believe in the potential of this community and am very happy to help navigate towards a better future together with you.

Stay safe and please do not hesitate to reach to me or the team with any suggestions, concerns or to request support.

On behalf of the Hub team,