Consortium for ‘Better Conflict Resolution Capabilities’ project update

The Hague Humanity Hub, along with 34 partners, recently applied for funding for a innovative multi-year project from the Nationaal Groeifunds. The project intended to develop and implement innovative ways to access justice around conflict resolution: from noisy neighbours to employer disputes, and plenty in-between. The Hague Institute for the Innovation of Law (HiiL), were the convenors of the consortium and the lead proposers of the project. It has now become clear that the project won’t be funded by the Nationaal Groeifunds, and so the consortium has put out the following reaction:

The proposed project ‘Better Conflict Resolution Capabilities’ – around which we had formed a consortium of 34 partners – has not received financial backing from the Nationaal Groeifunds, we found out today. The NGF highlighted that they saw the societal value in the project, but wanted to see more focus on technical R&D and likely revenue models. We will continue to speak to the political, knowledge, and justice institutions about collective ways that we can collectively build up development capacity that’s so dearly required.

Because both citizens and businesses need better routes to solve conflicts, and these need to be developed. That includes conflicts around scarce shared space, business partnerships, family conflicts; damage claims, public nuisance, effective criminal law interventions; and damages for wide-scale miscarriages of justice. It’s also vitally important to find ways to embed these initiatives in society and for their financing. Conflict resolution is getting more and more difficult for both people and businesses; and the organisations that can help in this regard are finding themselves with issues around legal intervention and unsustainable work pressures.

Work will continue within the Consortium to find new ways to develop and advocate for better conflict resolution capabilities in the Netherlands, and innovative ways for people in the Netherlands to access justice. Stay tuned for further updates!