Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, The Hague Humanity Hub is offering several responses, together with Hub members and fellow professionals in The Hague’s ecosystem for a more peaceful and just world.  On Wednesday 2 March, from 17:00 at the Humanity Hub City Centre, fellow professionals have been invited to an open discussion on the growing crisis in Ukraine to explore the responses that our community can offer. Participants will share their questions, ideas, concerns, and insights. Our aim is to create a safe place for discussion and make connections. If you’re a member of the Hub community, the Hague ecosystem or any relevant fields, please ask for an invite by filling in this form.   The Hub is also offering space to  people or projects who may want a space in which to mobilise or organise. Get in touch with our team directly at to discuss the possibilities.

Here is how we have maintained our support so far:

  • Held an open discussion on Wednesday, March 2 to come up with collective responses to the evolving situation
  • Built a dedicated Slack channel to share relevant resources, insights, connection and collaborative opportunities around the situation
  • Supported events such as The Russian Invasion of Ukraine: International Legal Implications (In-Person) by TMC Asser Instituut and War Heroines of Ukraine (Online) by Gender Concerns International
  • Created a regularly updated Resources Page to facilitate the visibility of all the initiatives within the Hub community and The Hague’s peace and justice ecosystem
  • Offering free membership and flex residency to support initiatives in response to the crisis
    • Join us in welcoming Emergency Appeal NL this Friday, April 1st at their launch!
Coming Soon: Biweekly discussions on relevant themes