Apply For The Young Diplomat’s Winter Seminar!

The Young Diplomat is an organisation based in The Hague that works towards a more just, peaceful, and inclusive world through diplomacy.

They believe that having diplomats from various socio-economic backgrounds is essential to achieving this goal, and therefore, they provide accessible and affordable training to encourage anyone interested in developing negotiation skills and competencies. The Young Diplomat also provides training to bridge the gap between public governance and business, equipping future diplomats with the skills necessary to create a more just world.

The organisation’s bi-annual seminar for the winter season has just been announced and applications are open. The theme for the upcoming seminar is all about digital diplomacy and negotiation. The seminar will explore “Negotiating in a Digital Context,” which is rapidly becoming an essential skill in today’s world, where negotiation and diplomacy often happens online, presenting new obstacles and considerations for diplomats in the way they communicate and negotiate. The seminar will touch on some of the drawbacks of digitalisation, such as digital misinformation and cybercrime, and explore how they can be overcome. This seminar aims to help participants network with figures in the field, develop crucial skills such as public speaking and research for negotiation, as well as gain theoretical insights and practical experience!

This is an online seminar that spans two weeks, starting on January 21 and ending on February 3. Sessions will be held by various organisations and field practitioners, including the Dutch National Cyber Security Center, representatives from the Dutch Ministry of Justice & Security, and the Director of The Young Diplomat, Hans van den Berg.

The deadline for applications is December 17, and there are a maximum of only 40 spots available, so apply now!