IHSA Launches Humanitarian Expertise Database: find a locally-based expert to help increase the impact of your programme

The Intenational Humanitarian Studies Association (IHSA), hosted at Hub member ISS in The Hague, has recently launched a Humanitarian Expertise Database. The idea behind the database is to better link together organisations and experts around the world, to make sure that local expertise can be best used in programmes to increase their impact and effectiveness.

The database is particularly intended to help researchers and experts in the global south become more visible to organisations and donors in the global north, thus including more of their unique and locally-sensitive insights in programmes ideated in the global north.

Within the database, researchers and experts are stratified across a wide variety of expertises, from disaster preparedness and resilience, to youth empowerment, violence; international humanitarian law, and more. Experts are spread across more than 100 countries, and in all global regions. The project has been completed in collaboration with the Network for Empowered Aid Response (NEAR), and Tufts University. The IHSA, an international study and research organisation around humanitarian affairs and action, also has several other databases available, including for educational tools, organisation across the world (for finding programming partners) and media. They’re all available here to use!

IHSA Conference returns in November

The IHSA Conference will also be taking place again this year, from 5 -7 November in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Panels and discussions include: ‘Changes in refugees, displacement, and migration policy and crises’, ‘Protracted crises, sustainable responses? Climate change, conflict, and development’, ‘The digital transformation in humanitarian crises and humanitarianism’, ‘Civic space, advocacy, and locally-led humanitarian response’, ‘Humanitarian studies and education’, and ‘From evidence to action: Advancing health in humanitarian contexts’.