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Globally Connected

Globally Connected envisions a Europe where Syrians are respected and valued members of society contributing to prosperous and peaceful societies and have an active role in building sustainable democratic peace in Syria and Europe. Globally…

The Hague Research Institute for Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia

The Hague Research Institute is an independent non-profit think-tank. Our goal is to provide both local and international audiences with clear policy analysis, opinion articles, and research about Europe's connections with the South Caucasus…

Gender Concerns International

Since 2004, with a vision and mission on Recognition, Respect and Resources for women and their organisations we continue to support local women and national institutions in Europe, Asia, West Africa amd MENA Region advancing Gender Electoral…


Subul is a social enterprise that is dedicated to empowering businesses and transforming lives through ethical outsourcing and impactful workforce development. We provide fully managed outsourcing and hiring services to businesses that are looking…
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NG Kamp Consultants

I am a consultant solicitor, practising in England and Wales. My work focuses on refugee rights in the UK. I bring strategic public law challenges against Home Office policies curtailing the rights of refugees.

CML Consulting

CML Consulting aims to help close the "evidence-washing" communication gap within NGOs and government agencies so evidence can more effectively shape programs and the organizations running them. These programs change lives, and beneficiaries…

International Connector

International Connector is a multi-service consultancy and innovation agency that provides next generation insights and workforce development solutions. Working with young people across 190 countries, we are experts in emerging generations and…


Pitztop aspires to create an open, equivalent society formed by newcomers and their fellow citizens. Pitztop softens the landing of newcomers in various ways, like growing networks, finding common grounds, sharing stories, creating safe spaces…

Iran Academia (ISSH)

ISSH, also known as Iran Academia, stands as the world's premier educational institution to offer a language inclusive and completely tuition-free experience primarily to the Persian speaking individuals worldwide, qualified to offer equivalent…


Partos is the Dutch membership body for organisations working in international development. Partos brings together a membership of more than 100 Dutch development NGOs.