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Globally Connected

Globally Connected envisions a Europe where Syrians are respected and valued members of society contributing to prosperous and peaceful societies and have an active role in building sustainable democratic peace in Syria and Europe. Globally…
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NG Kamp Consultants

I am a consultant solicitor, practising in England and Wales. My work focuses on refugee rights in the UK. I bring strategic public law challenges against Home Office policies curtailing the rights of refugees.


Pitztop aspires to create an open, equivalent society formed by newcomers and their fellow citizens. Pitztop softens the landing of newcomers in various ways, like growing networks, finding common grounds, sharing stories, creating safe spaces…

Samuel Hall

Samuel Hall conducts research, evaluates programmes and designs policies in contexts of migration and displacement.

The Hague International Research Institute Migration Law (HIRIM)

HIRIM’s mission is to contribute to the deepening and broadening of knowledge and the formation of opinions about migration law at national and international levels.