Integrity Initiatives International (III)

The mission of Integrity Initiatives International (III) is to strengthen the enforcement of criminal laws to punish and deter leaders who are corrupt and regularly violate human rights. III works to this end by catalyzing a campaign for an…

Foro Penal

Foro Penal is a human rights organization that provides legal assistance pro bono to people subject of arbitrary detentions and their relatives.
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ART WORKS Projects

ART WORKS Projects leverages the power of photography and documentary film to raise awareness and educate the public about some of the most pervasive and grave human rights violations. Working collaboratively with a broad range of stakeholders…

International Detention Coalition

IDC is a powerful global network of 400+ organisations, groups, individuals, as well as representatives of communities impacted by immigration detention, based in over 100 countries. IDC members have a wide range of specialisations related to…