Just Peace Month 2021: Call for Collaboration

Are you interested in organising an inspiring, encouraging, and engaging activity to showcase to the public the vast variety of people, approaches and organisations the ecosystem in The Hague has to offer?  

We are looking for partners interested in participating in the Just Peace Month 2021! From September 19 throughout to October 24 you have the opportunity – alongside many different Hague-based organisations and institutions – to connect to the public, tell your story, to feature your people, to explain your approach. We’re searching for the widest possible set of partners reflecting the amazingly broad ecosystem of The Hague to take part in this event.  

Organisations can create or adapt their own activities under the overarching theme ‘the human stories of peace and justice’ to open up to new audiences and provide new insights into their work. This theme is all about connecting the great work done behind the scenes to a variety of audiences.  

For more details and an overview of what to expect during the Just Peace Month, please visit our website.

Are you interested in participating in the Just Peace Month, or do you want to get in contact with us to explore the possibilities together? Fill in this registration form before 23 July 2021 and contribute to making this month a roaring success!