“Because the Energy Transition Affects Us All, We Must Collaborate.” Renewable Energy Specialist Polycentric Joins The Hague Humanity Hub Community

By Sarah Bumberger

One of the keys to a more fair, just, and inclusive world is the transition toward a renewable, fossil-free energy system. Polycentric, one of the newest members of the Humanity Hub, helps private and public organisations shape their communications and stakeholder strategy to put their energy transition solutions into practice. We asked Polycentric what exactly its support looks like in creating an energy transition that benefits everyone. 

But first, why is the energy transition crucial to a more peaceful and just world? 

Serge Santoo, Founder of Polycentric, says that the main challenge of the energy transition isn’t so much a technological one. The main challenge is a socio-cultural one, where fairness, affordability and inclusion are of a decisive importance. System thinking (ie. thinking of changing the entire way we produce and use energy) is therefore necessary. However, it’s not enough to have smart ideas, it’s about doing something together to create a sustainable, equitable and reliable system for all people. So, he says, Polycentric is about making that change into a reality. 

It’s all about collaboration 

Poly · cen · tric – as an opposite to egocentric – refers to having more than one centre – like the energy transition itself. Technological, ecological, legal, social and economic factors and actors play a role in the gigantic energy puzzle towards a renewable, fossil-free energy system. Polycentric’s job, says Serge, is to thoroughly understand their interests, needs and barriers and put them all together towards a common goal. By informing, inspiring and advising businesses, governments and researchers they facilitate them to effectively contribute to a smoother energy transition.  

With its team of communications experts and extensive experience in sustainability, innovation and energy, Polycentric can help others shape their communications and stakeholder strategy and put it into practice. And as the Dutch saying goes, alone you probably go faster, together you’ll always go further. 

Wanna collaborate?  

Since collaboration is key to a just and inclusive energy transition, Polycentric is open to thinking and acting together. For more information, see their website – or ask one of Serge and the other Polycentric practitioners at a Humanity Hub community event! 

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