ARTWORKS Projects: Photography Exhibition and Discussion

On Friday April 22, the Humanity Hub City Centre café hosted a photography exhibition and discussion on Ukraine, by new Humanity Hub member ART WORKS Projects, providing an opportunity to discuss the connections between advocacy and visual storytelling.  

Photo credit: Holland Park Media

The exhibition “Fleeing Mother Russia’s Fury”, featured the work of one of AWP’s collaborating documentary photographers, Wil Sands. This is Sands’ second exhibition with AWP. In 2016, he presented “Waiting for Mother Russia – In Two Acts,” documenting the daily tensions between pro-Russian and pre-Western residents of Eastern Ukraine in 2016. 

AWP also showed a pre-recorded discussion between Sands and Kateryna Radchenko, the founder and curator of Odesa Photo Days, an international festival of contemporary photography founded in 2015. The idea for the festival came about in 2014, the year the war in Ukraine started. The festival has served as a response to the outbreak of propaganda and media manipulation. But now the photographers working with Odesa Photo Days have become documenters of the atrocities of war. 

Catch up with the discussion, led by AWP’s managing director Bora Un here: 

Together with the audience at the AWP event at Humanity Hub, the discussion continued on how photographers and filmmakers see the role that visual advocacy tools have in activating change, whether it be advocacy, direct aid, policy, and how AWP works together with visual storytellers. 

Photo credit: Holland Park Media