Strhive partners with The Main Ingredient to take Propel to the next level and revolutionise learning and collaboration 

By Hannah Terry

“We know that if we want to reach the SDGs, we have to accelerate our progress towards them”, says Sarah Abdelatif, co-founder and managing director of Strhive, a Hague Humanity Hub member. Strhive is a mission-driven tech-for-good start-up that revolutionises knowledge management, organisational learning, and collaboration. They provide comprehensive, agile solutions that optimise the efficiency and sustainability of learning development frameworks for international organisations, empowering them to maximise their impact and adapt to changing contexts. Recently, Strhive reached an agreement to partner with and receive investment from The Main Ingredient! 

Strhive recently launched Propel, a product that enables organisations to learn from their past mistakes, leverage successful strategies, and collectively work towards a more sustainable future. Propel is a user-friendly platform that caters to the unique needs of development organisations by capturing learning, creating ‘learning stories’, making evidence-based decisions, and building on what works for the future. The product aims to ‘reshape the way NGOs collaborate’ by allowing organisations to implement and leverage knowledge gained from previous projects to make international development projects more efficient and ensure that they reach the right people with the right interventions. Propel can be used as a tool for capturing, retaining and sharing insights between NGOs working towards similar goals.  

As Sarah points out, if we are to achieve the SDGs, solutions are vital to driving meaningful change and maximising impact. Through its user-friendly platform, the Propel tool is specifically designed to facilitate NGO’s, humanitarian and international organisation by capturing and sharing learnings. It enables organisations to create compelling ‘learning stories’ that bring evidence-based decision-making to life and extend the lifespan of institutional knowledge. 

With a focus on building on what works, the platform empowers organisations to drive meaningful change and maximise their impact. 

To learn more about Strhive and Propel visit their website

Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash